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Top Ten Skills You Need to Be a Sustainability Rockstar

Sustainability is not just a trend; it is an urgent necessity. Our planet is facing serious environmental crises, and we need skilled professionals who can help create a greener and fairer future. Are you considering a career in sustainability and want to make a difference in the world? But what does it take to become a sustainability expert? Here are the top ten skills you need to master.

  1. Environmental Knowledge and Expertise: You can’t solve problems without understanding them. That’s why you need to learn about environmental science and sustainability principles. You should know how ecosystems work, how climate change affects us, how to manage resources wisely, and what environmental policies are in place. You should also know how these issues impact different industries and sectors, so you can design solutions that suit their needs.
  2. Problem Solving and Systems Thinking: Sustainability challenges are complex and interrelated. You can’t just focus on one aspect or one solution. You need to think holistically and see how everything is connected. This skill helps you identify the root causes of problems and find solutions that address them effectively.
  3. Research and Data Analytics: Data is your best friend in sustainability work. You need strong research and data analysis skills to measure the environmental impact of our actions and the effectiveness of our solutions. Companies need to understand impact on their markets and operations, devise strategies and report their sustainability performance and carbon footprint, so this skill is highly valued.
  4. Project Management: Sustainability projects require careful planning, budgeting, and coordination. You need to manage teams and resources efficiently and deliver your sustainability goals on time.
  5. Stakeholder Engagement and Communication: Sustainability is not a solo effort; it involves working with different people from different backgrounds and interests. You need to communicate clearly and persuasively with employees, communities, investors, policymakers, and others. You need to listen to their concerns, understand their perspectives, and get them on board with your sustainability vision.
  6. Technical Knowledge: Depending on your role, you might need specific technical knowledge related to sustainability. For example, you might need to know about climate science, environmental impact assessments, or the broader ESG (environmental, social, and governance) standards. You should also have a good understanding of the industry or sector you work in, so you can tailor your solutions accordingly.
  7. Regulatory and Policy Knowledge: Sustainability laws and regulations are constantly evolving. You need to stay updated on them and ensure that your organisation complies with them. You should also be able to influence policymakers and advocate for sustainability best practices.
  8. Innovation and Creativity: Sustainability careers demand creative thinking and innovation. You need to come up with new ideas and solutions that can tackle the environmental and sustainability challenges we face.
  9. Cultural Competence and Inclusivity: Sustainability is not just about the environment; it is also about people. You need to respect diversity and inclusion and understand how different cultures and communities view sustainability issues. You need to create solutions that work for everyone and leave no one behind.
  10. Leadership and Change Management: Being a sustainability leader means inspiring others to care about the environment too. You need to know how to lead by example, motivate your team, and manage change effectively. You need to get people on board with green practices and create a culture of sustainability

There are many ways to learn and improve your sustainability skills, such as reading books and blogs, taking online courses like coursera or pursuing formal qualifications. We recently shared a list of free coursera courses here.
A career in sustainability is an amazing opportunity to make a positive impact on the world. By developing these skills, you can stand out as a sustainability professional and become a leader in your field.

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