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Top ESG & Sustainability Courses to Accelerate your Green Career

Staying informed and knowledgeable about the latest trends in ESG and sustainability is essential, whether you’re seeking job opportunities or already working in this field. To help you on your learning journey, here are eight highly relevant Sustainability and ESG courses, along with two specializations, available on Coursera, many of which can be accessed for free.


To get a certificate you must pay for a course (a financial aid option is also available). However, you can access the courses for free by selecting ‘Access full course without certificate’ or ‘Audit’ when enrolling.  

  1. Introduction to Sustainability (4.8 stars), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
  1. The Age of Sustainable Development (4.8 stars), Columbia University & delivered by the Nobel Laureate, Professor Jeffrey Sachs 
  1. The Sustainable Development Goals, A global, transdisciplinary vision for the future (4.8 stars), University of Copenhagen 
  1. The Sustainability Imperative (4.8 stars), University of Colorado Boulder 
  1. Business Sustainability in the Circular Economy (4.5 stars), University of London 
  1. Sustainable Development – Ideas and Imaginaries (4.9 stars), University of Copenhagen 
  1. Ecosystem Services: A Method for Sustainable Development (4.8 stars), University of Geneva 
  1. The Great Sustainability Transition: Global challenges, Local actions (4.8 stars), University of Leiden, Full course 


You can access all the courses under a specialisation by navigating to each course separately on the specialisation page and selecting ‘audit’ when enrolling. If you want a certificate, you must subscribe. 

  1. The Materiality of ESG Factors Specialization (4.7 stars), University of Pennsylvania. This specialisation is an excellent introduction to ESG and has has four courses: ESG Risks and Opportunities, ESG Impact: Investor Perspective, ESG and Climate Change and ESG and Social Activism  
  2. Sustainability Analyst Fundamentals Specialization (4.2 stars), Arizona State University. A great course to set yourself for a sustainability role. This specialisation comprises of three courses: Careers in Sustainability, Sustainability Challenges for the Planet and Employers and Foundational Sustainability Skills & Competencies 

I will share other relevant courses from other platforms soon.  

Happy Learning. 

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