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Sustainability & ESG reads (week ending 13/05/23)

Here are the articles we enjoyed reading this week.

  1. How VCs can help start-ups set (and meet) ESG goals (HBR)
  2. Climate quitting – younger workers voting with their feet on employer’s ESG commitments (KPMG UK)
  3. Most ESG funds not safeguarding against human rights abuses (Edie)
  4. ‘Sustainable’ pension funds accused of greenwashing over billions held in oil and gas firms (Guardian)
  5. Emirates airline creates $200 mln aviation sustainability fund. The fund will support research on reducing the impact of fossil fuels in commercial aviation (Reuters)
  6. Gen Zers are redefining the values of the luxury market. Status and prestige are out–sustainability and inclusivity are in (Fortune)
  7. Climate: How green are Premier League clubs in 2023? (BBC)
  8. Green jobs are booming, but too few employees have sustainability skills to fill them – here are 4 ways to close the gap (The Conversation)
  9. How leaders can accelerate the world’s sustainable recovery (WEF)
  10. Not too late to read this: Sustainability And Climate Tech Predictions For 2023 (Forbes)

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(image by Nick Fewings)

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