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Latest readings on sustainability & ESG (20/05/23)

Reading with coffee

Here are some articles we enjoyed reading this week.

  1. Earth Loses 1.2 Trillion Tons of Ice Per Year, a Nearly 60% Increase From 1994 (Smithsonian Magazine)
  2. The Climate Elephants in the Room (Project Syndicate)
  3. Unlocking the potential of direct air capture: Is scaling up through carbon markets possible? (IEA)
  4. Methane must fall to slow global heating – but only 13% of emissions are actually regulated (The Conversation)
  5. What is diversity, equity, and inclusion? (McKinsey & Company)
  6. The Business Case For Diversity, Equity And Inclusion (Forbes)
  7. How corporate governance factors drive ESG integration (Thomson Reuters)
  8. How boards are responding to investor and political pushback on ESG goals (Fortune)
  9. Examining the G in ESG: The Role, Best Practices and Metrics for Corporate Governance (Sustainalytics)
  10. How can effective governance unlock value from sustainability? (EY)

What readings did you find insightful this week?

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